Setting Permissions or Privileges for an Object

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When you open an Object wizard to create an object with associated privileges, the Permissions (or Privileges or Object Permissions or System Permissions) panel for that editor displays the relevant privileges and lets you make changes accordingly:

To set permissions for an object:

  1. Open an object wizard on an object type with associated permissions or privileges. For details, see Opening an Object Wizard.
    See the topics for specific Object wizards later in this chapter for information on whether that object type supports permissions/privileges.
  2. Click the Permissions (Privileges, Object Permissions or System Permissions) panel when enabled.
  3. For each specific permission to be granted to an entity such as a user, login, or group, select the cell corresponding to the entity and specific permission, and click the Grant button. To revoke a privilege, select a cell showing a Granted permission and click Revoke.