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The Databases tab lets you analyze databases.

Tip: You can toggle between the graphs and grid views.

The Databases tab displays information regarding space usage across all databases, potential space-related bottlenecks that are threatening databases, and recent database backup information.

When in graph form, the Database Summary section displays a graphical view of table, index, and free space usage (in MB) across all databases. For large servers, not all databases will initially be shown, but the graph is scrollable so you can click the graph and scroll to see all databases on the chart. When in grid form, the Database Summary section displays much more detail regarding database and log usage, object counts, and more.

The Database Bottlenecks section provides a graphical count of various space-related bottlenecks that are threatening the availability of your databases (some of which are controlled by Space Analyst's customizable thresholds). When in grid form, each database is listed along with information that relays whether or not a potential bottleneck exists for that database.

The Database Backups section details the most recent backup for each database and the size (in MB) of the backup.

Available Functionality

The following functionality is available in the Command menu, shortcut menu, and toolbar: