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The Files/File Groups tab displays a graph and grid for filegroups on the server and a grid for files.

Tip: You can toggle between the graphs and grid views.

The File Groups/Files tab reports space usage on SQL Server by file group and by file.

When the File Groups radio button is pressed, Space Analyst presents a graphical layout of file group space usage across all databases. For large servers, not all file groups will initially be shown, but the graph is scrollable so you can click the graph and scroll to see all file groups on the chart. When in grid mode, more detailed information is shown for each file group including its auto-growth properties, how many files make up the group, the amounts (in MB) taken up by tables and indexes, and more.

When the Files radio button is pressed, detailed information is displayed for each individual file for every database on the server.

Available Functionality

The following functionality is available in the Command menu, shortcut menu, and toolbar: