Starting the DBArtisan Application

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How you start DBArtisan depends on the type of application you are evaluating:

  • InstantOn version: start the application by double-clicking the file you downloaded.
  • Fully-installed version: The Start menu sequence for DBArtisan is always in the form Programs > IDERA DBArtisan version identifier > DBArtisan version identifier, where version identifier reflects the version you are running.

To get started

  1. Run DBArtisan.
    The first time DBArtisan starts, a dialog opens, prompting you to set up datasources. In addition to letting you manually set up individual datasources, a number of more automated methods are available. If you have installed and used other IDERA tools, DBArtisan can find any active datasources being used by those tools. Also, DBArtisan provides a Discover Datasources feature that automatically searches the DBMS configuration files on your system for datasources that are not currently registered. Since other IDERA tools let you export datasource definitions to file, you also have the option of importing these definitions.
  2. For the purpose of this tutorial, click Cancel. You will be registering a datasource manually.

Proceed to Registering Cross-Platform Datasources to DBArtisan.