Stogroups Wizard (DB2 Z/OS)

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Stogroups are storage groups. You create them on the current server. Storage from the named sets of volumes you create can be allocated at a later date for tablespaces or index spaces.

To Open the Stogroup Wizard

  1. On the Navigator/Explorer, find the datasource where you want to add the new Storage Group.
  2. Expand the Storage branch, right-click Stogroup, and select New.

The table below describes the fields you will encounter as you complete the Stogroup Wizard.

Required Information Description

What is the name of the Stogroup?

Enter a name for the storage group.


This is the integrated catalog facility catalog, or volume catalog. Name the catalog or choose one from the drop-down list if it is available.

Select the volumes in the Stogroup

Specify a set of volumes that may exist on the system but may not be in use by other storage groups.

Select All

Selects all listed volumes.

Unselect All

Unselects all listed volumes.


Opens the Add Volume Dialog Box.


Deletes all selected volumes from the list.

Add Volume Dialog Box

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Add Volume dialog:

Required Information Description

Enter one or more volumes to add to the stogroup

Type the names of the volumes (separated by spaces) to add to the stogroup.


Click to see if any additional information is available about the volumes you typed. Opens the Volumes Info Dialog Box.

Or select volumes for the list

Lets you select volumes.

Volumes Info Dialog Box

The table below describes the options and functionality on the Volume Info dialog:

Required Information Description


Lets you select volumes.


Click to add volumes to Stogroup Wizard.