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An object owner or a user with SECADM authority can transfer ownership of an object to another user. The new user is automatically granted the same privileges as the former owner. Ownership can be transferred on an object-by-object basis or you can transfer all objects currently owned by an individual user.

Platform Availability and object type support

The following table lists the object types that support ownership transfer:


Check Constraints

Event Monitors

Foreign Keys



Primary Keys


Materialized Query Tables



Structured Types




Unique Keys

User Datatypes


To Transfer Ownership of an Object

  1. Initiate a Transfer Ownership action against one or more supported objects (see table above). For more information see Initiating an object operation.
  2. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying settings in the Transfer Ownership wizard:
Step Settings and tasks

Action options

If you initiated the ownership transfer against a user, select the specific objects belonging to that user that are to be assigned to a new user. Use the New Owner dropdown to select a defined user as the new owner of the selected object or objects.


Preview the DDL generated for the operation. For more information, see Preview.