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This action builds and submits an ALTER DISKGROUP... UNDROP statement. This lets you cancel pending drops of disks in one or all disk groups.

Note: Before this object action is available you must have a direct connection to the ASM instance. For details, see Manage ASM Connection.

Platform Availability

To Cancel Pending Disk Drops

  1. On a connected Oracle datasource, expand the Instance and ASM nodes.
  2. Right-click the Disk Groups node and select Undrop Disk from the context menu.
  3. Use the following table as a guide to understanding and modifying settings in the dialog:
Step Settings and tasks

Action options

Undrop all - If unselected, this action applies only to the disk group you initiated the action against. If selected, the action is applied to disks in all disk groups on this ASM instance.


Lists referring and referenced objects potentially impacted by the change. For details, see Dependencies.


Displays the DDL that will execute the object action. For details, see Preview.

4. Click Execute. For information on the scheduling option, see Scheduling.