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The general categories of tasks performed using the Capacity Analyst are:

  • Creating and Editing Collections - Each collection stores a set of statistics. How you set up your collections will depend on your own reporting and monitoring requirements. Capacity Analyst lets you choose the statistics in your collections and control options such as automatic purging and archiving of data.
  • Updating Statistics in Collections for use in Reports and Charts - In order to produce up-to-date reports and charts, the rolled up data in collections must be updated. Capacity Analyst lets you update your collections manually or chedule regular, automated updates.
  • Viewing Charts and Reports on Collections - The charts and reports available from the Capacity Analyst let you view trends and help you make forecasts regarding growth of your databases. The Collection Analysis Viewer lets you view graphical representation of the metrics in a collection as a function of time. Standard reports provide information on growth trends for devices, databases, tables, rows, and other objects, as well as fragmentation details and failure prediction.