Using Performance Analyst

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Performance Analyst allows you to organize performance metrics in the particular way you want to see them. You can drill-down into the many layers of database performance and also be able to locate performance issues in your database in a fast and effective manner. You can set alarm triggers and thresholds for multiple databases across several platforms.

For example, key ratios in Performance Analyst are calculated using delta statistics, which is superior to computing ratios with cumulative values. Delta statistics, which are values derived by using the before and after measures in each statistical refresh done in Performance Analyst, lets you see changes in performance metrics that would otherwise be invisible if cumulative statistics were used. This chapter tells you how to set the refresh intervals that best suit your needs.

So, this Using chapter explains how to reveal the layers of information you want to see. The platform-specific Expert Guides explain what you are seeing as they discuss individual statistics, the associated metrics, and troubleshooting suggestions: