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Query Builder provides a visual display of your queries as you construct them. You can run Query Builder against any registered datasource. Query Builder lets you build five separate types of queries simultaneously:

You can execute a SELECT statement from Query Builder. To execute an INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and CREATE VIEW statement, copy them to an ISQL Editor. You can also copy the statements to the clipboard for later use in the ISQL Editor.

Query Builder also lets you save a statement at any time so that you can open them later for editing or execution. Saving and Reopening Queries.

You can open Query Builder with multiple tables or views with the same or different owners. If you open tables or views with different owners, Query Builder displays “All Owners” in the Owner drop-down list. You can start multiple Query Builder sessions. You can use different tables and views for each query. You can also toggle back and forth among each of the queries. For more information, see Working with Tables and Views in the SQL Diagram Pane.

You can save and reopen queries in Query Builder. Query Builder automatically checks for changes in your database or instance between the time you save the query and the time you reopen it with the Schema Change detection component.

Query Builder is integrated with Data editor so you can edit data in real time and then continue to build your query with the new information embedded in the query. For details, see Saving and Reopening Queries.