Version Control Options

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Go Up to Configuring Feature Options

The Options Editor’s Version Control tab lets you select which version control system you want to use as the underlying version control system.

For configuring the Version Control functionality:

  1. Open the Options Editor Clicking File menu and selecting Options.
  2. Select General and Version Control to open the Version Control Tab.
  3. Select the Version Control System in the Available source control plug-ins drop-down list.
    Note: If you are using a 64 bit version of DBArtisan with a 32 bit MSSCCI version control provider, the Use 32-bit MSSCCI Provider checkbox must be checked.
  4. Select the Username for the Version Control System.
  5. Specify the local Working Directory
  6. Click Ok

Note: After Adding a project or file to the version control, the Version Control System launches its Configuration Wizard to start to work with it and add that project or file to the version control.