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The Watch window displays the watch variables for the database object you are debugging. The Watch window also lets you specify variables you want to evaluate or modify while debugging your program.

For example, to check what happens when a variable (x) has a value of 100, you can double-click the variable in the DDL Editor, drag it into the Watch Window, and change the value to 100. When you execute the script, the Debugger uses the value x =100. This window is only visible when the SQL Debugger is active.

Note: Until you step at least once into a script, variables are not defined. Therefore, step at least once before dragging or typing a local variable in the Watch Window.
Note: You can type a fully qualified record variable into the Watch window.
Note: When you exit a debug session and reenter it, the IDERA SQL Debugger retains any watch variables or breakpoints you have set.

Opening and Closing the Watch Window

To open and close the Watch Window, do the following:

  1. On the Debug menu, on the Debug Views sub-menu, select or clear Watch.
Press ALT+3.

Setting a Watch Variable

To set a Watch Variable, do the following:

  1. In the DDL Editor, double-click the target variable and drag it to the Watch window.
    Note: Microsoft SQL Server requires that local variables begin with @. Drag the @ to the Watch Window.
  2. In the Watch window, change the value of the variable.
  3. On the DDL Editor, click Debug or Go.
The IDERA SQL Debugger executes the script using the new variable.

Removing a Watch Variable

To remove a Watch variable, do the following:

  1. In the Watch window, click the target variable and press DELETE.