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The Workspace Windows provide a comprehensive view of your data structure and query. The table below describes the Workspace Windows:

Pane Description

Query Builder Explorer Window

Includes two tabs that display selected object details: Tables/Views DML

SQL Diagram Pane

Displays tables or views included in the current query.

SQL Statement Pane

Displays the SQL code, and when appropriate, a Results Tab.

Query Builder Explorer Window

The Query Builder Explorer is a separate tree that exposes all the tables and views in your target database. It also displays your current query structure. The Query Builder Explorer includes two tabs that display information about the selected objects:

Tables/Views Tab

The Tables/View Tab displays information about the selected tables or views. You can use the drop-down lists to change your table or view, and when appropriate, the owner. The table below describes each drop-down list on the Tables/Views Tab:

List Description


Displays all databases for a target Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase ASE.


Displays all valid owners.

Note: To change your current database, select the new database in the Navigator/Explorer, and then open another Query Builder session. Query Builder prompts you to save the current session prior to opening a new session. For details, see Saving and Reopening Queries.


The DML Tab displays all the basic elements of a query statement in the SQL Statement Tree. You can access any element of the current statement display and perform SQL editing from the SQL Statement Tree.

SQL Diagram Pane

The SQL Diagram Pane displays tables, views, and joins included in the current query. You can manipulate elements of your query, using the mouse functionality, in the SQL Diagram Pane. From the SQL Diagram Pane you can:

All changes in the SQL diagram reflect in correct SQL code in the SQL Statement Pane.

SQL Statement Pane

The SQL Statement Pane displays the current query SQL code. When you run a query, Query Builder displays results to your query in the SQL Statement Pane. The SQL Statement Pane is divided into two tabs:


The SQL Tab displays the query in progress. It displays each element of your query as you build it, and updates as you do edits such as selecting or deselecting columns, adding clauses, and creating joins. You can open the current statement directly into an ISQL editor or copy it to the clipboard for later use.

Results Tab

The Results Tab displays the results of your executed query in the Results grid. To edit data, use the Data editor application from Query Builder. When you begin building a new query, the tab title changes to Old Results until you execute the new query. For details, see Using Data Editor with Query Builder.