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Welcome to the IDERA Capacity Analyst. The Capacity Analyst collects critical database storage, object, and performance metrics at scheduled intervals and provides visual analysis and reporting mechanisms that allow for historical trend analysis and forecasting.

Capacity Analyst lets you:

  • Create and maintain Capacity Collections that serve as containers for related statistics.
  • Collect statistics in Capacity Collections.
  • View graphic and report-styled presentations of trend and predictive analysis scenarios.
  • Maintain functions regarding the handling of stored statistics.

The table below describes the major sections of Help.

Section Description

Getting Started with the Capacity Analyst

Provides information about installing and opening Capacity Analyst.

Capacity Analyst Tutorial

Helps you get started with IDERA Capacity Analyst. Provides the foundation you need to explore the many features and benefits of Capacity Analyst.

Using Capacity Analyst

Shows how to use each component of the application. Using Capacity Analyst breaks each process and procedure into simple step-by-step instructions.