Space Analyst for Sybase ASE Tutorial

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IDERA Space Analyst provides sophisticated diagnostic capabilities to troubleshoot bottlenecks and performance inefficiencies that result from poor space management. Running inside the IDERA DBArtisan console, Space Analyst helps you identify and correct storage problems by supplying powerful analysis facilities and corrective utilities and that will satisfy advanced experts, yet are easy enough to use for database novices.

Space Analyst for Sybase ASE Product Benefits

IDERA Space Analyst allows the database administrator to quickly ascertain if space problems are threatening the availability or performance of their key databases. If storage problems are found, Space Analyst provides powerful but easy to use space management wizards and utilities that can accomplish simple or complex reorganizations of all or parts of a database.

About this Space Analyst for Sybase ASE Tutorial

This tutorial helps you get started with IDERA Space Analyst.

After completion of this tutorial, you will have the foundation you need to explore the many features and benefits of Space Analyst. You will have learned how to get a summary view of storage for your database as well as how to identify potential space-related threats. Finally, you’ll use the reorganization wizard to correct any space problems that you find.

This tutorial is divided into 4 sections.

You can use this basic tutorial as a roadmap of product highlights.

After starting this tutorial, you can select Help from the menu to find many additional resources that complement and build on many of the activities shown in this brief tutorial.