Connecting to a Datasource From the Navigator/Explorer

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Go Up to Connecting to Datasources

The first time you start the application, you are prompted to register your datasources. During this process, you can select the Auto Connect check box, which automatically connects all registered datasource each subsequent time you open the application. For details, see Moving Datasources Between Groups.

If you did not check the Auto Connect box, or if you clicked No when prompted to connect to a database after registering, you must connect manually, each time you want to access that datasource.

If you later want to automatically connect your datasources, you can edit the datasource to make that change.

Tip: To configure your datasource to login automatically, refer to Registering Datasources.

To manually connect to a datasource

  1. In the Datasource Navigator/Explorer, right-click a datasource and select Connect from the context menu. For details on the Navigator/Explorer, see Using the Datasource Navigator/Explorer.
    A Login to... dialog box opens.
  2. Type a Login ID and Password.
  3. Optionally, and only if available, provide Login As, Default Schema ID, and Default Function Path values.
  4. Select Auto Connect to automatically connect to the datasource in the future.
  5. Click OK.

When a successful connection is made, datasource display expands to show the top level of nodes available on that datasource.

Connecting with Team Server 2016 Credentials

When connecting to a datasource from Team Server 2016 you can connect using the Team Server 2016 credentials. For that you must create the credentials in the Team Server 2016 application before create Login Credentials.