Setting up and Connecting to Team Server 2016

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Go Up to Team Server 2016 Support

Before you can make use of resources on Team Server 2016, you must login to the server. See your Team Server 2016 administrator for a login URL, credentials, and permissions setup.

  1. Ensure that Team Server 2016 usage is enabled. For details, see Team Server 2016 Options.
  2. Select Team > Login... and then use the IDERA Team Server - Log In dialog to provide credentials and complete the login.
    Note: Use the Keep me signed in check box to have logins persist across startups and shutdowns of DBArtisan. The Keep me signed control can be set and disabled using a registry entry. For details, see Locking Down Features Using the Registry.

After logging in, you have access to resources on the Team Server 2016 in the Datasource Navigator/Explorer.