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ELC - Embarcadero License Center 4.2 - First time setup

If you have not yet installed ELC, you should download and install the ELC software for your operating system here:

If you want to set up a master/backup configuration, please see notes below.

Make sure all ports for communication with ELC are open

Port Port Use Description


Client-server communication

Port used by license server to communicate with client products


Default web admin

Port required to access ELC Web Admin for easy license and user management


Default Remote Admin

Port required when accessing Admin page from a remote machine

  • If any of these ports are blocked inside your company’s network, you will need to contact your IT department to open them.
  • The client-server communication port is defined during license hosting (retrieval) process.
    • Make sure that default port 5567 is open before license hosting step #3.
    • If that port cannot be open, use another port. Once the port is defined, all subsequent licenses have to use the same port.
  • If Web Admin ports are unavailable because they are already in use, you may modify them in the file <ELC_install>\LicenseCenter\conf\, and restart ELC.
    • webAdminHttpPort = 5580
    • adminPort = 20319

Open the ELC Admin page

  1. From any supported web browser go to:
    <machine name>:port, e.g. localhost:5580
  2. Log in as admin/admin.

Retrieve license(s) [also known as "hosting"]

  1. To retrieve a license, you will need the License Certificate e-mail sent from Embarcadero-licensing to the license holder upon placing the order.
    That e-mail has the title "Embarcadero License Certificate #xxxxxx" where xxxxxx is your certificate number.
  2. Select "License Hosting" from the main menu on the left of ELC Admin.
  3. Enter the login name, password and certificate number as provided in the License Certificate e-mail.
  4. Read instructions below the Master host address field, and enter the address, if necessary. The same applies to Backup host address.
    IMPORTANT: The host address is how your client machines find your server. Specifying a static IP address of the server is a common and good practice here.
  5. If you installed backup ELC, specify its name and address now.
  6. Click the "Host Licenses" button.
  7. In case of an error, you may use an alternate web hosting mechanism. Go to and follow instructions there.

Set up users

Make sure you have completed the Retrieve licenses step above, as users cannot be set up without hosted licenses.

  • If you have concurrent licenses, setting up users is optional. By default, all users are allowed to share concurrent licenses.
  • If you have Named User licenses, setting up users per the steps below is mandatory:
  1. From the main ELC Admin menu on left, click "Named Users".
  2. Click the "Add Entry" button. You must have at least one Named User license present for this to be enabled.
  3. Add your users. User names are the client machine login names on that machine. You do not need to enter domain name as part of the user name.
  4. When done, click "Save to File" button and click "Yes" to reload ELC.

Distribute client licenses to end users

  1. Navigate to <ELC install>\LicenseCenter\conf directory
  2. Locate your file and extract your client slip file.
    The file will be either concurrent_xxxxx.slip or named_xxxxx.slip file, depending upon your license type.
  3. Distribute the above client slip file to your end users.
  4. Upon launching Embarcadero product, when prompted for license, the end user should select the "Import License" option from the Registration Wizard dialog box, and point to where they have saved the above client slip file.
  5. Product will import license, connect to ELC, and request permission to run.

Both ELC and installed products are now set up and ready for use


  • Master/Backup configuration – A master/backup server configuration requires two servers running 24/7 initially. Failover happens only when one of the servers does not respond. If you wish to set up master/backup server configuration, install ELC on your backup server at the same time as the master. Switching between single server and master/backup configuration at a later point will require assistance from Embarcadero Support.
  • If problems persist, contact Embarcadero Support at Please be sure to provide certificate number(s), the exact error message, and behavior. To be successful, our support technicians will likely need you to have administrative access to the server and may ask for you to provide logs, so be sure to have them available. ELC logs are located at to <ELC install>\LicenseCenter\logs directory.
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