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The Embarcadero License Center (ELC) provides networked licensing for software products. A networked licensing server allows you to administer and manage licenses at your site, without Embarcadero assistance. The ELC supplies named user licenses and concurrent (floating) licenses.

Networked licensing differs from single-user, boxed-product style licensing. With single-user licensing, users register with Embarcadero and are identified by their Embarcadero Developer Network user name. With ELC networked licensing, users register with their company’s ELC and are identified by their login name.

The ELC offers two types of licenses:

  • A named user license is assigned to one user, who is identified by login name. A named user license guarantees that a license is available for that user.
  • A concurrent license is shared by a pool of users and allows one user access to the license at a time. This provides the flexibility of having a set of shared licenses available to a larger pool of part-time or intermittent users.

Your company purchased named user licenses, concurrent licenses, or a combination of these licenses for a specified number of users. A combination of licenses is useful when certain users need guaranteed access to licenses, but other users need a license only periodically or in non-critical situations.

This document contains the following information:

  • Installing the Embarcadero License Center
  • Configuring the Embarcadero License Center
  • Administering the Embarcadero License Center
  • Generating Usage Report Logs

Important Information for Existing Customers

For existing Embarcadero customers using the Borland License Server (BLS) with Embarcadero products (JBuilder, Delphi, C++ Builder, and RAD Studio):

Embarcadero strongly recommends that you migrate the existing licenses from BLS to ELC 4.2. Default port number for BLS is 4467 and default port number for ELC is 5567.

Licenses with different port numbers cannot be mixed on the same server. Existing user lists can be transferred from one server to another without modifications.

For existing customers using BLS with Borland/MicroFocus products (Together, StarTeam, Caliber, AppServer, and VisiBroker):

Even though ELC version 4.2 can technically serve Borland products, it is highly recommended that Borland products continue to be served by BLS. Both BLS and ELC can coexist on the same physical machine, as long as licenses are setup for different ports (see default port numbers above).

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