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Application Basics acquaints you with the application and provides information about what ER/Studio BA offers in the way of design, navigation, and general application features. The information presented here is high-level and conceptual. For information on how to use the ER/Studio BA feature set, see Using ER/Studio Business Architect.

ER/Studio BA uses workspaces and projects to organize business process and conceptual modeling. You can use diagrams to create a visual model of both business process and conceptual modeling systems. You can navigate ER/Studio BA by using the application toolbars, menus, shortcut menus, and the keyboard commands.

Application Basics includes three sections:

Topic Description

Product Design

Explains the views and windows that make up ER/Studio BA.


Explains the ER/Studio BA Model View, toolbars, menus, palettes, and keyboard commands used to navigate the application.


Explains the different ways you can configure default application settings using Preferences.

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