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ER/Studio BA requires a valid license in order to run. Three kinds of licenses are available: Trial, Workstation, and Networked.

Trial licenses: A license for a 14-day, full-featured trial version of the product. The trial license must be registered before you can use the product.
Workstation licenses: A license or set of licenses is tied to a particular workstation. The product can only be used on that workstation.
Networked licenses: Networked licenses are administered and distributed by a central License Server (IDERA License Center or ToolCloud or Acresso FLEXnet Publisher). There are two types of networked licenses: Concurrent and Networked Named User. With Concurrent licensing, users on different machines share licenses from a pool of licenses. With Networked Named User licensing, licenses are pre-assigned to specific users setup on the license server's user list. Those users are guaranteed to have licenses available any time.