Registering a Trial or Workstation License at Application Startup

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Shortly after downloading a trial version of an IDERA product, you should receive an email with a serial number, which you must register as follows. These instructions also apply if you have purchased a product and received a serial number prior to running the application for the first time, or if the trial period has expired.

1 Start the application. A License Registration dialog appears.
2 Copy the serial number from the email and paste it in the Serial Number field.
3 Enter your Developer Network account credentials in the Login or Email and Password fields. If you have not previously created an EDN account, or have forgotten your password, click I need to create... or I’ve lost my password.
4 Click Register.

Your activation file should be downloaded and installed automatically. If this does not happen, click the Trouble Connecting? Try Web Registration link and follow the prompts. If you still have problems, see Registering by Phone.