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New features of ER/Studio BA 16.5

IDERA rebranding

  • ER/Studio Business Architect 16.5 begins a rollout of rebranding this product from Embarcadero to IDERA. Note that these changes include a new license agreement, installation and data directories, icons, file names, registry settings, and more. For more information about IDERA and IDERA products, see www.idera.com.

Implemented unique tokens to identify repository checkout records

  • In this release of ER/Studio Business Architect, checkouts now include a unique identifier or token to easily resolve identification issues when attempting to check in a workspace to the Repository. Previously, workspace checkouts included the host machine name as part of the identifier in the checkout record. This process caused issues in virtualized environments when the host names did not match upon reconciliation at check in, perhaps because the user disconnected from the repository before checking in the work.

New features of ER/Studio BA 16.0

There are no new features in this release.

New features of ER/Studio BA 1.7.2

  • ER/Studio Business Architect has been updated to take advantage of changes implemented in ER/Studio Repository 6.0, such as multi-threading that enables some processes to occur concurrently. ER/Studio BA 1.7 is incompatible with previous versions of ER/Studio Repository.
  • New document, ER/Studio Business Architect Quick Start Guide, replaces previous installation, new features, and evaluation guides.

New features of ER/Studio BA 1.7

ER/Studio BA has been updated to ensure compatibility with ER/Studio Repository 6.0, which now supports multi-threading and concurrent processes.

New features of ER/Studio BA 1.6.1

ER/Studio Business Architect 1.6.1 now includes support for Windows 7.

New features of ER/Studio BA 1.6

ER/Studio Business Architect 1.6, now includes support for ER/Studio Repository, providing the business modeler with the same version control and collaborative work environment enjoyed by ER/Studio Data Architect users.