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Important Advisory Notes

  • ER/Studio Data Architect models imported to ER/Studio Business Architect must be generated in ER/Studio Data Architect 7.0 or above.
  • Imported Visio models must be created in Microsoft® Office Visio® 2003 or 2007.

Important Trial License Issue

Users who have ER/Studio Data Architect or Enterprise Team Edition (ETE) already installed, and who attempt to use ER/Studio Business Architect with a trial serial number may experience an issue that closes ER/Studio Business Architect. If this issue occurs, please use the following steps. If this issue persists after attempting the workaround, please contact Support.

  1. Open ER/Studio Data Architect or ETE.
  2. From the Help menu, select Launch License Manager.
  3. From the License Actions pane, select Register.
  4. Enter and then register the ER/Studio Business Architect trial serial number.
  5. Launch ER/Studio Business Architect.

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Business Architect 17.0.2

UMF-7164 Corrected an issue with intermittent workspace corruption during "Save As" operation.
UMF-7171 Corrected error that occurred when editing a task ("User" task type) and providing data for in message or out message.
UMF-7175 Updated version details on installer to reflect correct version.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Business Architect 17.0.1

UMF-7001 Task names clipped on default size
UMF-7015 Can't expand Participant Band for Choreography
UMF-7113 Some labels are not centered properly
UMF-7161 Wrong icons for some object types
UMF-7163 Choreography Diagram typo

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio Business Architect 17.0

There are no bugs fixed in this release.

Known Issues

UMF-6989 Underline and strikeout not showing properly in diagram
UMF-7035 Option tab names overlap after opening Properties