Aligning in the Diagram View

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Go Up to Session 3: Creating a Business Process Model Diagram

There is a quick and simple way to align your placed objects. In this example we want to make sure our top set of tasks are aligned and distributed evenly.

  1. Select the three tasks you placed at the top of your diagram by holding down the left mouse button and drawing a box around the tasks. Notice that all three tasks are now marked with handles.
  2. Place the mouse cursor on the task labeled “Check Order” and Shift+Click because you want to align all the other elements with it. That element is now highlighted with black box handles instead of hollow boxes.
  3. Select the Align Top icon (ERSt0002.png) from the Alignment toolbar and the three tasks are now aligned.
  4. With the same three tasks selected, click the Distribute Evenly icon (ERSt0034.png) and the three tasks are evenly distributed horizontally.