Changing the Properties of an Element

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When you double-click on an element, the Property View for that element opens. You can use the Property View to:

  • Change the name or properties of an element.
  • Enter a description and notes for the element, if applicable.
  • View any links or usages that have been created to the element.
  • View the Impact Analysis report.
  • View the Usage (CRUD) report.
  • Change the appearance of the object.

For purposes of this diagram, we are going to rename the End Event and change the Triggers type to a Message End Event.


  1. Double-click the End Event object in the Diagram View to open the Property View.
  2. On the General tab, change the name to “Order Filled”.
  3. Click the Triggers tab and then click the Message icon (Icon - Message.png). The End Event is now a Message End Event.
  4. To place a second Message End Event in the diagram, expand the Business Process Objects palette and click the drop-down arrow next to the End Event icon.
  5. Select Message End Event from the list and place it to the right of the “Handle Fault” task in the diagram.
  6. Rename this End Event “Fault Resolved” by clicking once on the End Event label to change it to an editable field.
    We are going to place an error intermediate event on a task which shows that if an error occurs, the flow will take you to the Handle Fault task where the error will be corrected.
  7. On the Business Process palette, click the drop-down arrow on the Intermediate Event icon (ERSt0004.png) and select the Error Intermediate Event (Icon - Error Intermediate Event.png) from the list.
  8. Place the event on the lower edge of the task labeled “Check Order”. The icon is now docked to the task.