Creating Impact Analysis Diagrams

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An Impact Analysis Diagram is a way to visually represent the linkages that have been created between objects. These diagrams are automatically generated based on the link-related metadata. To create an Impact Analysis Diagram right-click the Customers node in the Model View tree and select Impact Analysis Diagram. A diagram is created as a tabbed view in the Diagram View area.

To display the all the information on the link, right-click the link and select Show from the shortcut menu. A list of all available labels is available on the pull-right menu.

EV ShowLinkLabels.png

The following graphic shows a diagram where all available labels were selected.

EV Impact Analysis Diagram.png

The created Impact Analysis diagram also appears in the Model View tree.

EV ImpactAnalysisDiagramModelViewTree.png

Session 11 Conclusion

In this session we have learned:

  • How to create a link.
  • How to create and view an Impact Analysis Diagram.

[eastudioevalguidesession12.htm#session12 Session 12] covers how to create the three different reports available in EA/Studio.