Session 12: Exporting Data

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You can save generated views or reports such as the Grid Editor and then open them in another application with a single step. We are going to export the contents of the grid editor that we populated in the previous session to an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. In the Diagram View, click the tab labeled “Order Picking Grid Editor” to view the grid we generated previously.
  2. From the main menu, select File > Export > Grid Editor…, or click ERSt0102.png on the Standard toolbar.
  3. In the Export dialog, select a directory where you want to store the exported file. You can store it in the same folder where you save your workspaces. The default file name for the exported file is the name of the Grid Editor tab (for example Order Picking Grid Editor). Leave the default name.
  4. In the Select As Type text box, select Comma Separated Values File (*.csv) from the drop-down menu and click Save. A CSV text file is created, which can be viewed in Excel or a text editor. If you have Excel on your machine, you can go to the file location in the Windows Explorer and double-click the file to view it. You can also export to the following file formats: HTML, PDF, and RTF.

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