Updating a Conceptual Model from ER/Studio DA

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If you are working on an ER/Studio Data Architect model, you can frequently update your associated ER/Studio Business Architect conceptual model, if that ER/Studio Business Architect model was initially created by importing the ER/Studio Data Architect model. The ER/Studio Data Architect model changes can include entity name changes, adding and removing new attributes, adding and removing relationships, binding and unbinding existing domains, etc.

Because updates are based on an object’s unique identity rather than its name, you have ability to re-import just the changes, or the entire ER/Studio Data Architect model, and the existing ER/Studio Business Architect Conceptual Model is updated. All existing relationships are maintained, and renamed elements are updated properly. It is important to note that only the elements that were originally created by importing the ER/Studio Data Architect model are updated. Any elements that are created in ER/Studio Business Architect are not updated with information imported from the ER/Studio Data Architect model.

Note: Because we have not updated the ER/Studio Data Architect model, we will just walk through the steps of updating the Conceptual model.

  1. Right-click the model “Northwind” in the Model View tree and select Import > From ER/Studio DA> Update Existing Conceptual Objects….
  2. In the Location dialog browse once again to …ERStudio Business Architect X.X.X\samples\ERStudio Data Architect Models\ and select the diagram named “Northwind.dm1.
  3. In the workspace tree, select the model “Sales”.
    Note: You can select the “Delete objects in model that aren’t contained in source file.” If you enable this option, any objects in the target model that do not match an object that you select in the source model for update is deleted. If this option is not selected, (it is not selected by default), none of the objects in the target model are deleted.
  4. Click Next and the Object Selection dialog opens. From the list of available entities, select the object “Customers” and clickERSt0085.png.
  5. Under the Domains tab, select “Address” and clickERSt0086.png.
  6. Click Finish and you will get a dialog telling you that the import was successful. Click Details to view what items were updated. The updated information in placed in the Model View under the “Sales” node.