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You can use lines to establish a visual connection between two entities without propagating foreign keys as would occur when creating a relationship. You can also use lines to illustrate a connection between data lineage objects.

  1. On the Drawing Shapes toolbar, click the Line tool.
  2. Click the object where the line is to start and then click the object where the line is to end.
  3. Double-click the line to launch the Line Editor and then click OK to exit the editor.

The following help you complete the options in the Line Editor:

Properties tab

Here you can change the color or weight of the line and end-point styles

  • Define the relationship between the source and target objects of the line using the Verb Phrase and Inverse Verb Phrase definitions in the Line Editor.

Attachment Bindings tab

Bind an external piece of information, or attachment to the line. You can also remove an attachment from a line, override an attachment binding's default value, or change the position of a bound attachment. To override the value of the attachment you have moved to the Selected Attachments grid, double-click the Value field of the target attachment. ER/Studio Data Architect opens the Value Override Editor or a list depending on the attachment datatype. Attachments are created in the Attachments folder of the Data Dictionary. For more information, see Attaching External Documents to the Data Model.


  • Edit the line by right-clicking the line and then clicking Layout Line, Straighten or Format.
  • Change the properties of a line in the Line Editor by right-click the line you want to change and then selecting Format.
  • Turn on and off the display of verb phrases in the Display tab of the Options editor (Tools > Options).
  • Change the default line type from elbowed to straight lines in the Line Drawing Mode area of the Display tab in Tools > Options.
  • Choose whether or not to display the verb phrase of the line in the Model Display area of the Display tab in Tools > Options.
  • When you hover over a line, ER/Studio Data Architect displays the name of the parent and child of the line if you have chosen View > Cursor Help Popup Options > Display Relationship Help.

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