Branching and Merging Diagrams

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Branches are typically needed for testing or development purposes and then, once stabilized, merged into the currently deployed model. You can branch and sub-branch as often as you want.

  1. Open the target diagram for branching or merging.
  2. Choose Repository > Diagrams > Branch/Merge Diagram.
  3. To create a branch of the active diagram, from the Branch Tree, select the diagram to be branched and then click the Branch button.
To merge the active diagram with another diagram, from the Branch Tree, select the diagram or branch of the diagram to be merged and then click Merge.

The following describes options that may not be self-explanatory.

Display deleted diagrams: Select this option to view all branches of the diagram, including those that were previously deleted. Deleted diagrams are unavailable and cannot be selected to use with the Branch or Merge functions.


  • It is good engineering practice to stick with a single enumeration convention, be it alphanumeric or some other series, and to use descriptive names.
  • You can select whether the *.dm1 file name or the diagram name is displayed by changing the display option: Choose Repository > Options > General and then change the Diagram Name Display Format.

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