Change the Background and Outline Colors of Existing Models and Views

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Go Up to Customizing the Data Model

  1. In the Data Model Explorer, click a data model or a view of a data model.
  2. Choose Format > Colors & Fonts > Colors.
    To set the background color of a model, from the list select Model Background and then click Set Color.
    To set the background color of all views in the model, from the list, select View Background and then click Set Color.
    To set the foreground color of all views in the model (the dotted line around the view box), from the list select View Foreground and then click Set Color.
  3. To choose one of the Basic colors or one of the existing Custom Colors, select a color box and then click OK.
    To choose a color not already displayed in this dialog, click Define Custom Colors, define the new color, and click Add to Custom Colors. (This adds a new color option to the available Custom Colors.) Then you can select the new color box and click OK.
  4. To apply your changes and exit the Colors & Fonts editor, click OK again.


  • When exporting the model, you can also export the model background by selecting Export model and object background color in Model > Options > Display.
  • You can specify background and foreground colors for an individual view by right-clicking the view in the Data Model Window and then clicking View Background/Outline Color.
  • You can specify that all views in the data model share the same background and foreground (outline) colors by choosing Tools > Options > View and then in the View area, selecting Same background color for all views.

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