Changing Model Alignment, Distribution, and Layout

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Alignment toolbar align.GIF

To align a group of objects in a straight line, select the objects and then click one of the alignment buttons.

Alignment toolbar distribute.GIF

To distribute a group of objects, select the objects and then click an alignment button.

Alignment toolbar autolayout.GIFERStudio-43.gif

To rearrange a data model or task diagram using a different layout type, display the model, and then click one of the auto-layout buttons on the Layout & Alignment Toolbar. To apply a layout type to a selected items only, you can select multiple objects (entities, views, and shapes) and apply a layout format to that selection only. All relationships, view relationships or lines that belong to the selected objects will be also affected by the layout. This allows you to choose a different layout style to draw attention to specific parts of the model, such as objects recently added or to show a special relationship that exists between certain entities. If you do not have any objects selected, the layout style chosen will apply to the entire model.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: To change the layout defaults, choose Layout > Layout Properties. Changes affect the current project file only. For more information on changing Layout Properties, see Changing Data Model Layout.

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