Copying a Database Object to a Submodel (Apply to Submodel)

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You can replicate database objects by copying the object and then pasting it to each submodel individually or you can use the Apply to Submodel function to paste an object into multiple submodels within the same model simultaneously.

  1. In either the Data Model Explorer or the Data Model Window, right-click the object you want to copy to one or more submodels in the active model and then click Apply to Submodel.
  2. In the Apply to Submodel dialog, individually select the submodels you want to copy the object to, or select the model to copy the object to the main model and all submodels of the active model.
  3. In the Apply to Submodel dialog, clicking Place New Object Near Existing Objects prevents the new object from being placed randomly in the Data Model Window. This can be important when working with large models and submodels.

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