Creating Special Search Strings (Using the Query Parser)

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Search criteria


AND (&&)

Contains ALL the search terms entered

apples AND oranges AND bananas
apples && oranges && bananas

OR (||)

Contains at least one of the words entered

cats OR dogs
cats || dogs

" "

Contains the exact phrase entered

"exactly this"

Does NOT contain some of the words entered

apples NOT oranges NOT bananas


Must contain a term and may contain another

+apples oranges


Must contain a term and must not contain another

+apples -oranges


Matches with a single character replaced

c? (matches cat but not coat


Matches zero or more characters

do* (matches do, dog, dogs, dogsled)


Terms are spelled similarly

land~ (matches land, sand, band)

" "~

Terms are found in close proximity to each other

"diagram update"~10 (matches objects where diagram and update appear within 10 words of each other)

ER/Studio Team Server uses Apache Lucene Query Parser to enable these search string operators. There are some special characters that when used within the syntax must be escaped. The following are special characters:

+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ?: \

To escape these characters, enter a backslash (\) before the special character.

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