Creating a Data Model Object

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The Modeling toolbar provides easy access to tools you can use to drag and drop entities and establish the relationships between them, and also create views. The tools available on the Modeling Toolbar depend on whether the data model you selected in the Data Model Explorer is logical or physical, relational or dimensional, and the designated platform for the physical models. Not all the Modeling tools create objects that can be represented in the Data Model Window; some tools like the User and Role tools launch editors that guide you through the process of creating an object of that type. Users and Roles are visible in the Data Model Explorer.

  1. From the Modeling Toolbar, select an object tool.
    The cursor changes to an icon representing the object tool.
  2. In the Data Model Window, click where you want to place the object.

Some object tools, like the entity or view tools, create an object in the Data Model Window; others, such as the function or user tools, bring up an editor where you specify the object attributes.

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