Creating an Enterprise Data Dictionary

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You can promote a regular Data Dictionary to an Enterprise Data Dictionary (EDD). Alternatively, you can create a new EDD and add objects to it, just as for a regular Data Dictionary.

Promote Local Data Dictionary to Enterprise Data Dictionary

  1. Ensure the diagram containing the data dictionary you want to promote is the active diagram.
  2. Log in to the Repository.
  3. Choose Repository > Diagrams > Add Diagram.
  4. On the Add Diagram to ER/Studio Repository, select Promote Local Data Dictionary To Enterprise.

Create a New, Empty Data Dictionary

  1. Log in to the Repository.
  2. Open a Repository diagram.
  3. The Create Enterprise Data Dictionary command is disabled when you are not displaying a Repository diagram.
  4. Choose Repository > Data Dictionary > Create Enterprise Data Dictionary.


  • Once created, you can bind the EDD to a drawing and add objects just as you would to a local Data Dictionary.
  • The new EDD is automatically bound to the current diagram.
  • Unlike regular Data Dictionaries, EDDs do not include a Reusable Procedural Logic node, and therefore cannot contain triggers, procedures or libraries.

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