Creating and Editing Entities and Tables

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Entities are logical model objects and represent real objects, such as people, places or things, that are relevant to your enterprise. Entities store data about particular objects that users can query or modify. In their physical implementation, entities become tables, which are the focal point of any database.

The table is the basic unit of a physical data model. IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect facilitates the smooth conversion of databases into physical models for deployment on an SQL database platform. You can populate your data model with tables by importing or reverse-engineering an existing database, generating a new physical model from a logical model, or by adding individual tables as needed. You can make changes to a table at any time using the Table Editor. You can also edit table Columns and Indexes using the Column Editor and Index Editor. respectively.

When you have finished work on an entity or table you can click the ellipsis at the top left-hand corner of the Entity Editor or Table Editor to switch to another entity or table respectively.

Because the entity and table are so closely related, the options available in their editors are often common to both objects.

This section is comprised of the following topics:

Creating and Editing Entities

Creating and Editing Tables

Creating and Editing Attributes and Columns

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