Deleting an Object

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Go Up to Common Tasks

  1. On the Data Model Explorer or Data Model Window, right-click the object to delete, and then click Delete from the shortcut menu.
  2. Click Yes.


  • When you right-click a submodel object, there is no Delete option. Instead, there is an option to Remove. When you remove an object from a submodel, the object remains in the Main model unless you select Delete from Model from the dialog that appears.
  • To select multiple entities, press and hold CTRL while clicking the entities.
  • To delete an attribute, select the attribute in the Data Model Explorer or double-click the parent entity or table in the Data Model Window to bring up the entity or table editor. In the editor, you can select the attribute to delete and then click Delete.
  • When deleting a relationship, you can either delete the relationship entirely or, by selecting Make Foreign Keys Native in the dialog that displays, you can choose to convert the foreign key relationship to an attribute of the child entity or table.

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