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Go Up to Repository Administration

This procedure is just for the installations which include Repository. Once the Team Server and Repository upgrade has been done, and afet users on client machines start working with their diagrams, Administrator needs to update their diagrams version on ER/Studio Data Architect. Update your existing diagrams before you check out any diagrams or do any work with the new version of ER/Studio Data Architect.

Warning.gif WARNING: Upgrading diagrams can be time consuming and memory intensive. The number and size of ER/Studio Data Architect diagrams managed in the upgraded Repository will dictate how long the upgrade process takes.

To upgrade diagrams data version:

  1. Start ER/Studio Data Architect.
  2. Update the Repository options to recognize the new server, in case it has changed. Go to Repository > Repository Options and in the Server Machine box, type the host name or IP address of the Repository machine, and then click OK.
  3. Log on to the Repository using an account with Super User privileges.
  4. Run the Diagram Data Version Upgrade utility as follows:
    • Go to Repository > Administration > Diagram Data Version Upgrade. This will update all diagrams in the Repository to the latest version.
    • Ensure no diagrams are open. The Repository Administration menu will not be available if there are any diagrams open.


  • By default, the Super User role is assigned to the Admin user. The default Admin user name and password are: Admin and Admin.
  • Named Releases are not upgraded in the Repository. You can upgrade your local copy by opening it in the current version of ER/Studio Data Architect and then checking it into the Repository.
  • After the diagrams are updated, each user must perform a clean get of all Repository diagrams they were working on previously.

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