Finding an Entity, Table or View

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Go Up to Common Tasks

  1. Choose Edit > Find Entity/View.
  2. Enter the first letter or first few letters of the entity or view you want to find.
    The first matching entity or view found will be highlighted in the list.
  3. If necessary, scroll through the list to find the object you are looking for or type more letters to further limit the scope of the search.
  4. Once you have found the object you are searching for, double-click the entry.
    ER/Studio Data Architect highlights the object in the Data Model Explorer and the Data Model Window.
  5. You can also use the Universal Naming Utility to find strings in various objects, enabling you to for example find all entities with an attribute named city. For more information on the Universal Naming Utility, see Searching for and Changing Object or Object Attribute Names.

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