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Your Team Server terms can be linked directly in to the ER/Studio interface. When enabled, if a glossary term is used in the Name, Definition, or Notes of certain model objects, it is highlighted to identify that you have a definition in your Team Server Glossary. Holding your mouse cursor over the highlighted term pops up the short definition while Ctrl-clicking on the term will navigate to that term in the Team Server Glossary.

This feature also allows you to select specific models or sub-models in a repository and associate them with a specific glossary. That glossary then can provide the scope when trying to detect and link terms to the model objects.

To enable Glossary Integration:

  1. Go to Repository > Team Server Log In.
  2. Enter the URL for your Team Server installation that contains the Terms that you want to use.
  3. Enter a User Name and Password that has access to the Terms.
  4. Click OK to log in.

After completing the Team Server login as listed above, any terms that are matched in the Name, Definition, or Notes of a model object will be highlighted in blue and underlined with a dashed line.

Highlighted Term.png

If you hover your mouse icon over the highlighted term, a popup definition will appear.

Ctrl-clicking on the term will open up a browser and navigate to the term in Team Server interface.

The Glossary Integration function works on the following objects:

  • Entity/Table Editor
  • Entity/Table Editor for attributes
  • Attribute/Column Editor
  • View editor
  • Submodel Editor
  • Data Lineage - Other Source - Tables
  • Data Lineage - Other Source - Views

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