Relating Source and Target Models

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Go Up to Data Lineage Workflow

Data movement properties describe how source and target models are related outside of the Data Lineage tab. You can relate a source model to one or more models in the same diagram or to models imported from external systems. The rules defined here are used at the table/entity level on the Data Lineage tab of the entity and table editors.

  1. On the Data Model Explorer, right-click the top-level node for the particular model and select Data Movement Properties.
  2. Select the Source or Targets tab.
  3. Select the level of mapping you intend to add or edit.
  4. Click Add and select from among the models listed.
  5. Select the Synch registered data... option if you want changes to the current model that extend to other models in the.dm1 file to be automatically updated.

Once complete, you can double-click any table to edit table-level and column-level movement rules.

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