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Go Up to Specifying Repository and ER/Studio TS Options

  1. To view only Repository Properties, log in to the Repository.
    To change Repository Server Ports, log out of the Repository.
  2. Choose Repository > Repository Properties.
  3. Click the Server tab to view the server settings and then the User tab to view the log in name of the current user.
  4. If necessary, when not logged in to the Repository, you can change the ports your system uses to communicate with the Repository. On the Server tab, click Edit Ports, change the port settings, click Apply Changes, and then click OK to exit the editor.

SSL Port: Since version 8.5, ER/Studio Data Architect supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication protocol which encrypts messages between the client and Repository. You must select Use SSL connection to Repository before SSL will be used to encrypt ER/Studio Data Architect network messages.

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