Securing Repository Objects

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Go Up to Working with Objects in the Repository

In the Repository Security Center, the user or administrator with Update Security Info privileges can restrict access to the data model at the Project, Diagram, Model, Submodel, and Data Dictionary levels.

  1. Choose Repository > Security > Security Center.
  2. In the Repository Object area, navigate to and then click to select the object you want to secure.
  3. To give a user access to the selected object, from Available Users, click and drag a user onto an Available Role. The user inherits the privileges of the role under which the user appears in the Available Role area.
    To revoke a user's access privileges, from Available Roles, click and drag a user onto an Available Role.
    • NOTE: The No Access role is available only at the Diagram and Project level.
  4. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 as required and then click OK to exit the security center.
  5. Inform users that they must log out of the Repository and then log in again for them to receive Repository object security updates.

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