Setting Default Diagram Colors and Fonts

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You can create color schemes and change fonts to help manage your workspace. The Colors and Fonts Editor lets you customize the data model display by customizing the background and foreground colors of the model, entities, and database objects and by customizing the font for individual components of the data model or standardizing on a specific font for all displayed text.

  1. Choose Format > Colors & Fonts.
  2. Make the changes as required and then click OK to implement the changes.


  • Override the default colors and fonts for specific objects or for instances of a specific object. For more information, see Overriding Color and Font Settings for a Specific Object.
  • Set the default background color of the model in the Main Model Display area of the Logical or Physical tabs of the Options editor, choose Tools > Options.
  • Use the Inherit from parent entity foreground checkbox to set whether you want the outline of an entity to be the same color as its parent entities. If you select a relationship and change its color, the manual change overrides the color inherited from the parent. Changes made in a child entity do not affect the color of the parent. This option is enabled only for the following object types when selected from the drop-down list available in the Colors & Fonts dialog:
    • Relationship object type. Relationship color is the same as the parent entity foreground (border.)
    • Inherited Primary Keys object type. Primary font color is the same as parent entity foreground (border).
    • Inherited Non-Keys. Foreign key color is the same as parent entity foreground (border).

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