Setting Diagram Properties

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In the Diagram Properties dialog you can document basic information about your data model. Data entered on this dialog is used when generating reports about the model and is also used to populate the Title Block.

  1. Choose File > Diagram Properties
  2. Make your changes to the Information, Description, and Attachment Bindings tabs, and then click OK.

The following describe options that require additional explanation:

Attachment Bindings tab

Bind an external piece of information, or attachment to the domain. You can also remove an attachment from an object, override an attachment binding's default value, or change the position of a bound attachment. To override the value of the attachment you have moved to the Selected Attachments grid, double-click the Value field of the target attachment. ER/Studio Data Architect opens the Value Override Editor or a list depending on the attachment datatype. Attachments are created in the Attachments folder of the Data Dictionary and must be applied to the diagram before they will display on this tab. For more information, see Attaching External Documents to the Data Model.

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