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ER/Studio Data Architect toolbars are context-sensitive and change to reflect the element of the application you are using. Toolbar buttons offer quick access to common features of ER/Studio DA. All functionality accessible from toolbar buttons is also accessible from Menus and Accessing Shortcut Menus. Toolbars change depending on if you are working with logical or physical models.

ER/Studio Data Architect lets you move toolbars anywhere on the workspace. You can also dock toolbars anywhere on the perimeters of the workspace. You can also specify which toolbars you want displayed on the workspace.

Moving Toolbars

You can dock and undock toolbars, moving them to any place with the application window.

Undock a Toolbar

  1. On a docked toolbar, click and hold the toolbar handle Button Vertical Lines.gif.
  2. Drag the toolbar to a new location.

Dock a Toolbar

On an undocked toolbar, double-click the title bar of the toolbar.

Displaying Toolbars

Click View and then click to select or deselect the toolbars you want to display or hide.

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