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The Data Flow organizes and encapsulates one data transformation and the source tables and columns used in the transformation to produce the target data. Multi-tiered mappings are possible and there can be multiple transformations involving different columns between two tables as illustrated below.


Create a Data Lineage Data Flow

  1. Choose File > Open and select the GIMDB.DM1 diagram in the Sample Models directory.
  2. Click the Data Lineage tab at the bottom of the application window.
    You are prompted to create a Data Lineage Data Flow.
  3. Click Yes.
    If this is not the first time you click the Data Lineage tab after opening a diagram, from the Data Lineage Explorer, right-click the Data Flows node and then click Create Data Flow.
    If you would like to keep your version of GIMDB.DM1 unchanged, 'save as' a different filename before proceeding past the Undo/Redo warning dialog.
  4. Enter a data lineage data flow name and then click OK.
    Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: The name that appears in the diagram title tab at the top of the application window is appended with: data flow name, when you click a task in the Data Lineage explorer, such as GIMDB.DM1 - Data Flow Model View: Broker*.

The Data Flow has been created.


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