Unbinding an Enterprise Data Dictionary from a Diagram

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You can unbind an Enterprise Data Dictionary from a Diagram when you no longer need to use it. The Remove Enterprise Data Dictionary operation automatically updates the Repository server with the appropriate information. For example, a user has a Diagram that has an attribute bound to a domain in an Enterprise Data Dictionary called MyEnterpriseDD. When the user removes MyEnterpriseDD from the diagram, subsequent users who get the Diagram from the Repository will get a version of the Diagram that does not have MyEnterpriseDD in it; furthermore, the attribute is unbound from the domain.

  1. Check out the diagram.
  2. On the Data Model Explorer, select the Data Dictionary tab, and then select the Enterprise Data Dictionary you want to unbind.
  3. Choose Repository > Data Dictionary > Remove Enterprise Data Dictionary.


  • You do not need to check in the diagram to commit the change to the repository.
  • Any attributes that were bound to Data Dictionary items will be modified. If the attributes are not checked out from the repository before the data dictionary is removed, then ER/Studio Data Architect automatically performs a delayed Check Out.

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